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Durian is a distinctive fruit for its large size, strong odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk. The fruit can grow as large as 30 cm (12 in) long and 15 cm (6 in) in diameter, and it typically weighs 1 to 3 kilograms (2 to 7 lbs.).

The colour of its husk ranges from green to brown, and its flesh pale yellow to red. Its flesh is described as a rich custard highly flavored with almonds.

  • Scientific name

    Durio zibethinus
  • Most common uses

    1. Prepare ice cream, milkshakes, mooncakes, and cappuccino
    2. Eat as dessert fruit
    3. Durian chips
    4. Asian cuisines
  • Shipping

    Air Freight in cold temperature (45º F)
  • Packing

    Individual box: 35 lbs.
    Pallet: 96 boxes
    Meets USDA standards
  • Country of Origin