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On the outside, color of the berry ranges from hues of dark purple to black with fine white specks light yellow in color.

The passion fruit is a type of berry, round to oval in shape, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds. The flavor of the juice is slightly acidic and musky.

  • Scientific name

  • Most common uses

    1. Eat as dessert fruit
    2. Make fresh juice
    3. Add to salads
    4. Prepare fresh fruit pulp or passion fruit sauce
    5. Used as base for a variety of liqueurs
  • Shipping

    Air Freight in cold temperature (52º F)
  • Packing

    Individual box: 36 - 52 pieces
    Pallet: 200 boxes
    Meets Global GAP standards
  • Country of Origin

    New Zeland